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How Not To Argue Against LSD

How Not To Argue Against LSD - The Amusing Case Of Kevin R.D. Shepherd And Robert Priddy

Kevin R.D. Shepherd attempted to defend LSD advocate Robert Priddy on his domain. Needless to say, it can be thoroughly proven that Robert Priddy’s pseudo-criticism of LSD was nothing more than a shameless attempt to cover-up and blur his decades-long praise of mind-altering drugs. Kevin Shepherd said (underlined emphasis added by Moreno):
Kevin R.D. Shepherd:

That was a long time ago, though Priddy did subsequently compose three documents describing his LSD experiences, and which he placed on the web in the 1980s. These writings remained on the web while he was a devotee of Sathya Sai, though he deleted them at the end of his devotee phase.

As a critic of LSD, I questioned the relevance of these writings, though Priddy told me in 2007 that he had long outgrown the eulogies, to which he had added cautions. In The Psychedelic Experience, Priddy says that he did not become addicted and that his disillusionment with LSD led to his conclusion that "all psycho-chemicals of this nature should be avoided." He stresses instead the "gradual evolution of the psyche by controlled moral and mental discipline."

I do not myself agree with promotions of psychedelic experimentation. In fact, I can present strong arguments against that option. However, in cases where there is clear denial of the "spiritual enlightenment" syndrome, extenuating factors should be acknowledged by critics. Retrospective accounts of this nature are deemed relevant by some academic analysts, in that these accounts serve to offset the exuberant and misleading conclusions found elsewhere. It is apparent that Priddy does not believe in "LSD spirituality," unlike many other writers on the subject of psychedelic experience. The intensity of LSD experiences is not denied by critical analysts. It is the psychoactive context of these experiences that is in dispute...

One should respect the warning of Priddy in the same document abovecited that:

"The use of biochemicals like LSD-25 to alter consciousness is like reaching for 'plastic grapes.' They do not allay one's hunger. They can also create an illusion of knowledge and power, and that can be harmful."

The Priddy version of LSD is thus very different to that of Stanislav Grof and other psychedelic enthusiasts, who interpret the "illusion of knowledge and power" in terms of an LSD "therapy" amounting to a "spiritual path" of neoshamanism. Those enthusiasts have an extension in MAPS (Multidisciplinary Assn for Psychedelic Studies), the controversial American organisation influenced by Grof, and which ingeniously includes data on the "risks and benefits" of drugs, though the underlying motivation is clearly one of drug promotion converging with the Grof paradigm.

Robert Priddy’s Denial: LSD-Visions Were Not Hallucinations:

On Robert Priddy’s Anti-Baba blog, he said the following about his LSD-induced hallucinations:

Robert Priddy: On LSD-25 and alleged “drug-induced hallucinations” Moreno makes false assumptions in dismissing LSD-25 experiences merely as induced hallucinations - it is very far from being so simple. Hallucinations can occur as a result of LSD, but they did not in my case. I was a student interested in psychiatry and psychology and my dose of LSD-25 was actually provided by the Norwegian Minister of Health explicitly for experimental purposes! Only one who has experienced it can have any idea at all of what inner clarity and scope of the mind may be released, if one is well-balanced and fortunate in the circumstances. In that I was in company with many well-known writers and hands-on researchers on the subject (egs. Aldous Huxley, Gerald Heard, Professor Susan Blackmore etc.) The dangers are considerable for borderline psychotics and others, so experiments are definitely not to be recommended to the public.

In Robert Priddy’s detailed LSD articles (and in a subsequent update added by him after a Pro-Sai Activist found the LSD-related webpages), he never stated that his LSD-25 was “provided by the Norwegian Minister of Health explicitly for experimental purposes”. Robert Priddy specifically stated he first experimented with cannabis then later experimented with LSD when he was 26 years old in 1963 with his friend Eric Steadman (with whom he shared a “perfect unspoken telepathic awareness”) and the entire episode was saved on a tape-recorder he turned on.

Although Robert Priddy wrote about his LSD experiences in depth, he never mentioned anything about any University officials, volunteer testing, Karl Evang or that the LSD-25 he took was “provided by the Norwegian Minister of Health explicitly for experimental purposes”. Furthermore, Robert Priddy admitted he experimented with cannabis before he experimented with LSD in 1963, experimented with “strong bio-chemicals” and LSD years after he experimented with LSD in 1963 and even wrote about another LSD-induced hallucination in 1965. Therefore, Robert Priddy fully acknowledged he experimented with drugs prior to and after his initial LSD trip in 1963. Was Robert Priddy also using cannabis and other “strong bio-chemicals” for “experimental purposes”? Although Robert Priddy whined that his druggy years are “outdated” and “ancient”, it is amusing to note the he eulogized his “outdated” and “ancient” druggy years:

  1. In 1988 (25 years later) in his LSD article entitled “TRUTH, BEING AND BLISS - AN AMAZING PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE - Described By Robert C. Priddy - British author & ret’d researcher and teacher in philosophy and sociology, University of Oslo, Norway”: “I try here to give as truthful an account as I can of what befell me in 1963. In the intervening 25 years I have continually been returning to that experience as as source of inspiration and in the hope that the fullest possible light may be shed on it for me.” (LSD Reference).

  2. In 1994 (31 years later) in his book “Source Of The Dream”, pg: 16-7, Chapter 2: ‘When the Soil is Ready’: “A totally mind-shattering and subsequently most wonderful and intensely ecstatic experience befell me one day, as if from out of the blue. Much could be said on the subject, as it is an almost entirely misunderstood one and thus very controversial, but I do not believe doing so would appreciably enlighten anyone who has not actually had the very same experience. I am certain that no words can capture the vital nature and truth of such an experience of transcendental consciousness. I mention it because, without its having befallen me, I cannot guess how I might otherwise have been able to realize the value of pursuing spiritual development and exerting any measure of the determination, and one-pointedness that such a course eventually requires. The experience probably did not improve me much outwardly, if at all, but inwardly it altered my life in various quite crucial ways. I could simply no longer manage to regard normal worldly experience as the be-all and end-all of life. Having been forced to see my usual self and the mind literally from outside, with merciless clarity, through knowing and temporarily becoming the sheer all-pervasiveness of a sanctified joy, peace, and unrestricted awareness that underlies everything, I later came to know how that experience both consoled me and yet set me apart. Like a two-edged sword, it strengthened my insight, yet isolated me for many years in lonliness, for I had the burden of both incommunicable experience and a certain spiritual pride.” (LSD Reference).

  3. In 2009 (46 years later) on his Anti-Baba blog in an article entitled “Copyright Infringement By SathyaSaiBaba”.

In the referenced quote above, Robert Priddy claimed “I was a student interested in psychiatry and psychology”. Robert Priddy told a different story in his LSD article entitled “The Psychedelic Experience - On how I came to psychedelic experiences By Robert C. Priddy”. In that article, Robert Priddy said he was a student of philosophy and sociology (not “psychiatry and psychology”) and that he considered psychology “mostly irrelevant to understanding people, myself or anything remotely like the psyche”!

It is also significant to point out that the scientific community (contrary to Robert Priddy’s layman claims) unanimously agrees that LSD is a hallucinogenic drug and is commonly referred to as a “hallucinogen” (Refs: LSD 01 - LSD 02 - LSD 03 - LSD 04).

When Sai Devotees attribute extraordinary experiences, dreams or visions to Sathya Sai Baba (without the aid of drugs), Robert Priddy bashes those experiences as mere flights of fantasy, imagination, mental disorder and/or projection. However, when it comes to Robert Priddy’s LSD experiences (induced with the aid of drugs), he proudly proclaims them as genuine and bona-fide! This is the type of Anti-Guru / Pro-LSD weirdo who continually attempts to invalidate Sai devotees for their spiritual experiences! If a person claimed a spiritual experience, who would you be more inclined to believe:

  1. A person who never used drugs?

  2. A person tripping on LSD?

And let us not forget what exactly Robert Priddy claimed was revealed to him when he tripped on LSD. Robert Priddy claimed he saw (amidst lots of fluff and airy-fairy scenes) his wrist break with the bones sticking out of his flesh, compared the experience to what “schizophrenics may experience with intensity”, that his mind was ”deranged” and that his mind was “shattered into pieces again and again”. Gee, that doesn’t sound “hallucinatory” at all, does it? (sarcasm implied)

Finally, let us take a look at the three people that Robert Priddy cited to support and defend his views on LSD. I wonder what Kevin R.D. Shepherd would say:

  • Susan Blackmore: “I hope that one day soon it will be; that as a society we will prove wise enough to use LSD for its highest potential, not its worst. And for purely selfish reasons, I hope this will happen in time for me to take LSD again in my lifetime and that, like Huxley, I may be able to take it on my deathbed.” (Ref)

  • Aldous Huxley was a humanist and pacifist, and he was latterly interested in spiritual subjects such as parapsychology, Human Potential Movement, Vedanta and philosophical mysticism. He is also well known for advocating and taking psychedelics. Aldous Huxley took LSD on his deathbed and referred to LSD as “a mystical, religious experience”.

  • Gerald Heard was a historian, science writer, educator, LSD advocate, philosopher and friend of Aldous Huxley.

Therefore, Robert Priddy’s current views on LSD are based on the views of LSD advocates he considered authorities on the subject!

LSD Advocate Robert Priddy Refers Readers To A Pro-Drug Website:

Attempting to bolster the case for his experimentation with LSD, Robert Priddy posted the following link on his Anti-Baba blog:

Robert Priddy: For objective source materials and intelligent discussions of LSD-25, see this major Forum

Since “scholar” Robert Priddy (who always boasts how thorough his research is) provided a link to (and described it as being “objective” and providing “intelligent discussions of LSD-25”), he apparently researched the site thoroughly and approved of its contents.

Let us take a closer look at, a website Robert Priddy described as “objective” and providing “intelligent discussions of LSD-25”.

First and foremost, is an international Pro-Drug website where users can request and/or share information on how to take, grow, purchase, make and use all types of illegal drugs, including LSD-25 (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 or View Entire LSD Threads). All of these LSD-related threads prove that the discussions therein are far removed from being “objective” and do not provide “intelligent discussions on LSD-25” (unless you happen to be a drug addict). provides numerous threads advocating for legalizing all types of drugs (Ref) and even provides threads about which drugs maximize sexual experiences (Ref). also provides picture galleries so that users can identify hallucinogenic mushrooms, peyote, opiods, hallucinogenic cacti and hallucinogenic plants (Ref). A majority of the posts on the domain are chock full of invectives and graphic language. This is the type of Pro-Drug forum that “scholar” Robert Priddy described as being “objective” and providing “intelligent discussions on LSD-25”! Perhaps Robert Priddy posts on that Pro-Drug forum since he claims to know it so well, he actually provided a link to it on his Anti-Baba blog.

Robert Priddy revealed his drug advocacy and revealed his standards for “objectivity” and “intelligent discussion” by citing a Pro-Drug forum full of invectives that is intended for drug users! Thank you, Mr. Priddles for coming clean once again!

Robert Priddy’s defense of LSD is in severe conflict with Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s Anti-LSD / Anti-Drug position.

Robert Priddy, Kevin Shepherd, & Stanislav Grof:

It is also amusing to note that the webpage that Robert Priddy linked to (which he described as being “objective” and providing “intelligent discussions of LSD-25”), linked directly to another LSD webpage that strongly advocated for Stanislav Grof’s book “History Of LSD Therapy” (Ref). The website provides over 120 pro-articles on Stanislav Grof, holotropic breathwork and Pro-LSD research (Ref). The reason why this is so amusing is because Robert Priddy professes friendship and alliance with Kevin Shepherd, a staunch Anti-Drug, Anti-LSD and Anti-Grof critic! Isn’t it ironic that Kevin R.D. Shepherd professes friendship and alliance with Robert Priddy although:

  1. Robert Priddy eulogized and promoted LSD for those who are “well-balanced and fortunate in the circumstances”?

  2. Robert Priddy eulogized his LSD-induced experiences as bona fide revelations and not as the result of hallucinations (an absurd and dubious claim at best)?

  3. Robert Priddy solicited the objectivity and intelligent discussions of a Pro-Drug forum intended for drug users?

  4. Robert Priddy solicited the objectivity and intelligent discussions of a Pro-Drug forum intended for drug users that strongly advocates for Stanislav Grof, Holotropic Breathwork and the benefits of LSD?

What more can I say more about Robert Priddy and his laughable views, absurd arguments and clown-like antics about LSD? This is the guy who is attempting to “expose” Sathya Sai Baba. Well, the truth is now out about Robert Priddy (direct from his personal blog) and there is no stopping it! Expect Robert Priddy to do damage control, offer no apologies, deflect from the issue and bore everyone with his mindless prattle. Afterall, that is what he does best.

Predictable Update:

After publishing this article about Robert Priddy’s loud endorsement of, a Pro-Drug Forum intended for drug users (which he described as containing “objective source materials and intelligent discussions of LSD-25”), Robert Priddy rushed to do damage control (just as Moreno predicted he would) and removed the link to by saying:

Robert Priddy: “Please note: Having looked more closely at the web pages on LSD-25 I had first linked to here I found them partly very misleading and that there was an overall bias towards possibly dangerous viewpoints, though there was also nonetheless a good deal of accurate historical and other materials in them and/or linked to them. As a whole those pages do not represent my standpoint, therefore the link is deleted”

“Scholar” Robert Priddy (who constantly claims he conducts thorough research) argued that (a Pro-Drug Forum intended for drug users) contained “objective source materials and intelligent discussions of LSD-25”). Now, however, Robert Priddy is claiming that his initial assessement of was wrong and the website is not as “objective” or as ”intelligent” as he first assessed it to be.

Why doesn’t Robert Priddy specifically tell us which webpages on (a Pro-Drug Forum intended for drug users) contained a “good deal of accurate historical and other materials in them and/or linked to them”?

Perhaps Robert Priddy’s change of heart was prompted by an email I sent to Kevin Shepherd about Priddy’s Pro-Drug advocacy? Kevin Shepherd is a notorious critic of the Findhorn Foundation, Stanislav Grof and LSD. Kevin Shepherd has a lot of face to lose by allying himself with LSD-advocate Robert Priddy. Well, for interested Findhorn Foundation members, Stanislav Grof advocates and LSD critics, Robert Priddy still believes that there is absolutely nothing wrong with using LSD and that his LSD trips were not hallucinatory in nature (although LSD is a hallucinogen)!

Rather, Robert Priddy would have the world believe that LSD is simply a great “mind clearer” that produces out-of-body experiences that result in enlightenment and visions of broken bones sticking out of bloody flesh! What more can one do but laugh out loud at Kevin Shepherd and his LSD-advocating friend, Robert Priddy?

LSD advocate Robert Priddy is the person with whom Kevin R.D. Shepherd openly professes alliance. Consequently, Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s Anti-LSD rants are to be considered diluted, self-serving, hypocritical and selective. Kevin Shepherd’s defense of LSD advocate Robert Priddy is akin to his defense of Pyschic Trance Medium Conny Larsson.

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Findhorn Foundation

Findhorn Foundation

The Findhorn Foundation is a Scottish charitable trust registered in 1972, formed by the spiritual community at the Findhorn Ecovillage, one of the largest of the communes in Britain, has been home to thousands of residents from more than 40 countries. The Foundation runs various educational programmes for the Findhorn community; it also houses about 40 community businesses like the Findhorn Press, and an alternative medicine centre.

Starting as commune in 1962, from a caravan park, and founded by Eileen Caddy, Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean, the Findhorn Foundation and surrounding Findhorn Ecovillage community at The Park, Findhorn, a village in Moray, Scotland, and at Cluny Hill College in Forres, is a home to more than 400 people. The community has no formal doctrine or creed. It also offers a range of workshops, programmes and events in the environment of a working ecovillage. The programmes are intended to give participants practical experience of how to apply spiritual values in daily life. There are approximately 3000 residential participants from around the world taking part in programmes each year.

Findhorn Ecovillage, has been awarded UN Habitat Best Practice designation from the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (HABITAT), and regularly hold seminars of 'CIFAL Findhorn', a United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), affiliated training centre for Northern Europe.

A Growing Ecovillage
Findhorn Ecovillage is based at The Park, in Moray, Scotland near the village of Findhorn. Within the Findhorn Ecovillage at The Park, sustainable values are expressed in the built environment with 'ecological' houses, innovative use of building materials such as local stone and straw bales, and applied technology in the Living Machine sewage treatment facility and electricity-generating wind turbines.

The Findhorn Ecovillage is intended to be a tangible demonstration of the links between the spiritual, social, ecological and economic aspects of life. It is a constantly evolving model used as a teaching resource by a number of university and school groups as well as by professional organisations and municipalities worldwide. It is a founder member of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) a non-profit organisation that links together a diverse worldwide movement of autonomous ecovillages and related projects.

The Findhorn Foundation Ecovillage Project has received Best Practice designation from the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat).

Since the 1980s numerous organisations have started up in the vicinity of Findhorn which have an affiliation of some kind with the Findhorn Foundation. These include Ekopia, Moray Steiner School, the Phoenix Community Store, Trees for Life (Scotland) & The Isle of Erraid. Collectively they now form an ecovillage which aims to demonstrate a positive model of a viable, sustainable human and planetary future. As of 2005, Findhorn Ecovillage has around 450 resident members, and its residents have the lowest recorded ecological footprint of any community in the industrialised or the developed world, and also half of the UK average.

Organisation Of The Community
The community includes an arts centre, shop, pottery, bakery, publishing company, printing company and other charitable organisations. All aim to practice the founding principles of the community and together make up the New Findhorn Association (NFA).

In 1999 a community association, the New Findhorn Association or NFA, was formed to provide a structure for all the people and organisations in the community. It includes people from within a 50-mile radius of The Park, at Findhorn. Each year a council and two listener-conveners are elected by the membership of the NFA, who organise monthly community meetings to decide upon community-wide issues.

Individulas Connected With The Findhorn Foundation
Individuals with past or present connections to the Findhorn Foundation include celtic art author Aidan Meehan, Waterboys songwriter and singer Mike Scott, sports psychologists John Syer and Chris Connolly, authors William Irwin Thompson, Caroline Myss, William Bloom, Sir George Trevelyan, Marko Pogacnik and Paul Hawken, Scottish novelist Margaret Elphinstone. motivational writer Carol A. O'Connor, activists May East and Vance Martin, Australian singer Hans Poulsen, Trees for Life (Scotland) founder Alan Watson and naturalist Richard St Barbe Baker.

The following have given lectures, workshops or presentations at the Findhorn Foundation: Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Caroline Myss, E.F. Schumacher, Ervin Laszlo, Geoffrey Ashe, Paul Horn (jazz musician), James T. Hubbell, Paul Winter, Laurens Van Der Post, Jonathon Porritt, Satish Kumar, Joanna Macy, Peter Russell, Anita Roddick, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Petra Kelly, Matthew Fox (priest), Patch Adams, John and Caitlin Matthews, Robert John Stewart, Peter Dawkins (FBRT), Robert Muller, Ysaye Maria Barnwell, Danah Zohar, Machaelle Small Wright, Lynne Franks, Hazel Henderson, James Twyman, Jane Goodall, Aubrey Manning, David Bellamy, Miranda Holden, Sandra Ingerman.

Links with the United Nations
In December 1997 the Findhorn Foundation was approved for formal Association with the UN Department of Public Information as an NGO. The Findhorn Foundation is a member of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO), attends the Sustainable Development Committee meetings and is a founding member of the following NGO groups active at the UN Headquarters in New York: The Earth Values Caucus The Spiritual Caucus and the The NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns In September 2006 a new sustainable development training facility, CIFAL Findhorn was launched. This is a joint initiative between The Moray Council, the Global Ecovillage Network, the Findhorn Foundation and UNITAR.

Relevant Links:
The Findhorn Foundation's website
Ecovillage Project - overview and background
New Findhorn Association - website for the community association.
Wikipedia Reference For Findhorn Foundation

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Kevin Shepherd & Psychic Medium Conny Larsson

Kevin Shepherd & Psychic Medium Conny Larsson

Kevin R.D. Shepherd is a staunch Anti-New Age, Anti-Psychic, Anti-Superstition, Anti-Guru activist who believes that self-professed psychic channelers, spirit mediums, gurus and/or New Age practitioners are misled, brainwashed, fraudulent and deficient. Nevertheless, when it comes to agendas that Kevin R.D. Shepherd supports, he will cite an entire slew of New Age practitioners, self-professed psychics and/or Guru promoters to support his agendas.

This article will document Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s shameless attempt to defend and cover-up for Psychic Medium Conny Larsson. Although Kevin R.D. Shepherd gave a few tongue-in-cheek criticisms about Conny Larsson’s self-professed psychic abilities, Shepherd actually defended Larsson and claimed that since Larsson gave a talk at FECRIS, Larsson is thereby a credible and reliable reference against Sathya Sai Baba.

What Kevin Shepherd forgot to mention, however, is that Psychotherapist Conny Larsson purposely suppressed his psychic medium claims from FECRIS because FECRIS would never allow a self-professed Psychic Medium to talk at their conferences. FECRIS is extremely critical of alleged “psychic” psychotherapists (like Conny Larsson) who use their training and skills to manipulate, mislead and brainwash others. See: FECRIS: Psychotherapeutic Deviation: The Use Of Psychotherapy In The Case Of Cult Influence. Obviously, Conny Larsson’s training as a psychotherapist has enabled him to con many people, including Kevin R.D. Shepherd.

Kevin R.D. Shepherd cited the following email quote in defense of Conny Larsson:
Conny Larsson: “I could keep on interpreting the texts for hours, and in that sense people sometimes make their own opinion that I’m channelling, but in fact it is only me speaking out what is in my own intuitional knowledge.”
(Kevin R.D. Shepherd: This quote appeared in an email to myself from ex-devotee Robert Priddy dated December 2008.)

It has long been Moreno’s personal opinion that Conny Larsson is a bold-faced and pathological liar. Conny Larsson’s explicit and documented denial of being a Trance Channel & Psychic Medium is more proof of his repeated attempts to mislead through prevarication and deceit.

This article will provide verifiable information that proves that Conny Larsson solicited himself as a Trance Channel & Psychic Medium, which was even documented in a national Swedish newspaper!

It is an irrefutable fact that Conny Larsson was solicited twice on his official website at as being a psychic “trance channel” for the immortal sage, rishi & chiranjeevin Vyasa. After Joe Moreno (a Pro-Sai Activist) exposed Conny Larsson’s psychic claims on, Conny Larsson rushed to do damage control by changing his profile and by changing the written testimony of Judith Bourque (essentially falsifying her first-hand testimony as originally published on the domain since mid to late 2006 - February 2009). See the ‘before’ and ‘after’ screencaps:

BEFORE (relevant text is highlighted)

Conny Larsson, Sweden/Cyprus - Founder of Vedic Mantra Meditation school in Europe. - Author and psychotherapist. Transchannel for ‘Vyaasa, the first Rishi’ During the Master Class Conny guided participants in the knowledge of the Vedic Mantra systems with regard to the 7 chakras of the nervous system. As Vyaasa he channeled 4000 year old knowledge for the group as a whole and at times for us as individuals. He also took us through processes to expand our levels of consciousness.”

AFTER (note that the relevant text was removed)

Conny Larsson, Sweden/Cyprus Founder of Vedic Mantra Meditation school in Europe. - Author and psychotherapist. During the Master Class Conny guided participants in the knowledge of the Vedic Mantra systems with regard to the 7 chakras of the nervous system. He took us through processes to expand our levels of consciousness.”

BEFORE (relevant text is highlighted)

“Meeting for the Masters’ Class in Cypress was truly inspiring and an excellent example of how to spend a meaningful holiday. We were a group of teachers from several different countries, each bringing to the class an area of acquired knowledge and experience...Conny spoke about the seven different states of consciousness and also did some trance channeling of Vyaasa, ‘the first Rishi, or Seer’. That, for sure was an extra bonus at the seminar...I really look forward to the next event of this kind that Conny organises! Judith Bourque, Holistic Therapist and Independent Filmmaker

AFTER (note that the relevant text was changed)

“Meeting for the Masters’ Class in Cypress was truly inspiring and an excellent example of how to spend a meaningful holiday. We were a group of teachers from several different countries, each bringing to the class an area of acquired knowledge and experience...Conny spoke about the seven different states of consciousness and also did some interpretations from Vyaasa, ‘the first Rishi, or Seer’. That, for sure was an extra bonus at the seminar...I really look forward to the next event of this kind that Conny organises! Judith Bourque, Holistic Therapist and Independent Filmmaker

Click Here to view the results for Judith Bourque’s original testimony as published on the domain ( results are still available as of September 8th 2009). has four results (from July 4th 2007 to February 13th 2008) for the webpage that contained Judith Bourque’s original testimony. It is important to note that only indexes webpages after a period of 6 - 12 months. Therefore, Judith Bourque’s testimony was published on the domain sometime in mid to late 2006 and remained there until February 2009 when it was altered. The following screencap shows the results for the webpage containing Judith Bourque’s first-hand testimony about Conny Larsson’s “trance channeling” of Vyasa:

Further strengthening the fact that Conny Larsson posed as a psychic healer are pictures of him giving “trance healings” that were originally released on the joga harmonia website (which were subsequently deleted at Conny Larsson’s request). If Conny gets this intimate and physical with women while in public, one can only wonder how intimate and physical he gets with women during his “private” psychic consultations. As they say, “seeing is believing” & “a picture is worth a thousand words”:

The screencap above specifically states the following about Conny Larsson:

  1. Conny Larsson will give private consultations for psychic trance healings.

  2. Conny Larsson will give a demonstration of his trance healing to the audience.

  3. Conny Larsson is a trance healer.

  4. Conny Larsson diagnoses the aura.

  5. Conny Larsson promotes and endorses the power of Vedic mantras.

  6. Conny Larsson will perform a séance.

  7. Conny Larsson will sell and autograph his new book that speaks against Sathya Sai Baba.

  8. Conny Larsson charged members 80 kroner (US $12) and non-members 120 kroner (US $17) for a talk on trance healing and aura diagnosis.

The screencap above specifically states the following about Conny Larsson (Original Reference):

  1. Conny Larsson will solicit his book “Behind The Clown’s Mask”.

  2. Conny Larsson will channel his spirit guide to help diagnose people’s medical problems

  3. Conny Larsson will talk about trance healing and will demonstrate his trance healings on various members of the audience.

  4. Conny Larsson offers private trance healing consultations

  5. Conny Larsson is a life philosopher.

  6. Conny Larsson is a psychotherapist.

  7. Conny Larsson will teach the healing benefits of meditation and how it can increase life-force and well-being.

  8. Conny Larsson is on the Swedish board for Neal Donald Walsh’s “Humanity Team”.

  9. Conny Larsson teaches the TM method of meditation.

  10. Conny Larsson will channel a banshee (ghost / spirit) that transfers healing energies.

  11. In private consultations, Conny Larsson will perform aura cleansing and trance healing.

  12. Conny Larsson will demonstrate trance channeling in front of the audience and on a few volunteers.

  13. In private consultations and with the guidance of his spirit guides, Conny Larsson will diagnose the real causes of problems in a person’s life.

  14. Conny Larsson will use a crystal pendulum to analyze the aura and chakras.

  15. Apparently fearing a public exposure from critics, not everyone can book a private trance healing session with Conny Larsson. Private trance healing consultations are made exclusively at Conny Larsson’s sole discretion and he filters and chooses who he will perform his healings on in private.

  16. Conny Larsson charged members 60 kroner (US $9) and non-members 100 kroner (US $14) for a trance healing demonstration. Charges 500 (US $72) kroner for a meditation workshop and charges 600 (US $87) kroner for a private psychic medium consultation.

The screencap above was taken from a national Swedish newspaper (Norrland Social Democrat aka Norrlandska Socialdemokraten) entitled “Medium Draws Full House”, which specifically stated the following about Conny Larsson (Original Reference):

  1. Conny Larsson personally claimed he is a psychic trance medium.

  2. Conny Larsson gives spirit seances.

  3. Conny Larsson personally talked about “protective spirits” on the Astral Realms and claimed he was protected by them.

  4. Conny Larsson went into a trance and channeled the dead dog of a woman in the audience, claiming the dog still barks and stands at her house.

  5. Conny Larsson channeled an astral message for Gun Isaxon (a Communist party leader in Sweden) from her deceased father, warning of health problems and not to take any office.

  6. Conny Larsson gave a demonstration of aura cleansing on an elderly woman in the audience by using a crystal pendulum.

  7. Conny Larsson claimed that body piercings affect acupuncture and meridian points and are harmful on the “cellular level”.

  8. Conny Larsson claimed he has 10,000 devotees / students in Sweden and around the world.

  9. Conny Larsson attracted “large numbers” of women (judging from the picture in the article, 100% were women).

  10. Many people remember Conny Larsson as the clown “Beppo”.

  11. Conny Larsson claimed that “Words have power. Together we can bring peace and love.”

  12. Conny Larsson warned his audience about “charlatans” who charge money for their services. Nevertheless, participants paid 100 kronor (US $14) as an entry fee (the article claimed over a hundred women were present, meaning that Conny Larsson grossed US $1,400+ just on admission fees). The weekend meditation fee is 400 kronor (US $58) and individual psychic healing sessions are 500 kronor (US $72). The article also claimed that over 400 people were learning meditation from Conny Larsson (meaning that he grossed US $23,200+ on his meditation classes alone).

  13. Conny Larsson also sold books and CDs about himself at the lecture (notice the money-making trend?).

The screencap above proves that Conny Larsson is devoted to the Indian Guru Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (the guru of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) and posed in front of his pictures between 1998 (while still a Sai Devotee) to 2005 (five years after leaving Sai Baba and several years after accusing Maharishi of having sex with women).

The screencap above specifically states the following about Conny Larsson (Original Reference):

  1. Conny Larsson conducts trance healing “séances”.

  2. Conny Larsson can contact the dead.

  3. Conny Larsson teaches others how to use crystal pendulums.

  4. Conny Larsson teaches others how to “diagnose” blockages in auras.

  5. Conny Larsson will demonstrate his trance healings on “selected individuals” in the audience and at his discretion.

  6. Conny Larsson claims we all possess a “cosmic reality”.

  7. Conny Larsson teaches a nine-step meditation program in which students must pass lower steps in order to advance to higher steps using the TM (Transcendental Meditation) technique.

  8. Conny Larsson is on the Swedish board for Neal Donald Walsh’s “Humanity Team”.

  9. Conny Larsson conducts private trance healing sessions in which Spirit Guides helps him diagnose the real problems in a person’s life.

  10. Conny Larsson analyzes chakras for blockages.

  11. Conny Larsson is an internationally renowned psychic trance medium.

  12. Conny Larsson claims crystal pendulums help amplify the real causes to problems in a person’s life.

  13. Conny Larsson charged 500 kroner (US $72) for the meditation, aura cleansing and crystal pendulum workshop.

  14. Conny Larsson charged 600 kroner (US $87) for a private trance healing in which he channels spirit guides.

  15. Conny Larsson charged members 60 kroner (US $9) and non-members 100 kroner (US $14) for a public demonstration of a trance medium séance.

The screencap above specifically states the following about Conny Larsson (Original Reference):

  1. Conny Larsson is teaching a meditation class on February 6th 2009

  2. Conny Larsson is a life philosopher.

  3. Conny Larsson is a psychotherapist.

  4. Conny Larsson spent a year in silence meditating in a cave.

  5. Conny Larsson teaches meditation from the beginning phase to the most advanced techniques.

  6. Conny Larsson is on the Swedish board for Neal Donald Walsh’s “Humanity Team”.

  7. Conny Larsson is also known as “God’s Little Clown” (from his devotee phase).

  8. Conny Larsson will teach the healing benefits of meditation and how it can increase life-force and well-being.

  9. Conny Larsson teaches a nine-step meditation program in which students must pass lower steps in order to advance to higher steps using the TM (Transcendental Meditation) technique.

  10. Conny Larsson charged 600 kroner (US $87) for the meditation classes.

The screencap above specifically states the following about Conny Larsson (Original References: 01 - 02 - 03):

  1. Conny Larsson is one of two International Coordinators for the Heart And Soul Exposition (the other International Coordinator is Judith Bourque).

  2. The “Heart And Soul Exposition” is a website for: “Many, Local and International workshop leaders and Inspirational speakers plus: Acupressure, Angel therapy, Aura photography, Breath Work, Clairvoyance, Crystal Healing, Crystal Bowl Therapy, Diana Cooper School of Angel Healing, Energy Biofeedback Therapy, Environmental issues, Esoteric teachings, Feldenkreis therapy, Indian Head Massage Practitioner, Life Counsellor, Meditation, Oriental Dance Teachers, Pranic Healing, Psychic Medium, Reflexology, Reiki Practitioners/Masters, Shamanism, Tai Chi, Vedic Meditation Master, Yoga Teachers.”

  3. Conny Larsson was a former actor educated at the Royal Sate School of acting in Malmo, Sweden.

  4. Conny Larsson became a meditation teacher under the “auspicious guidance of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi” (notice how the wording is positive although Conny Larsson is Anti-Mahesh-Yogi).

  5. Conny Larsson teaches his own meditation class free of charge (although the February 2009 program stated he charged 600 kroner for his meditation classes).

  6. Conny Larsson is a Vedic Mantra meditation teacher.

  7. Conny Larsson founded the Vedic Mantra school of meditation.

  8. Conny Larsson founded The Master Class in North Cyprus.

  9. For many years Conny Larsson acted as Chairman for the Karnan Institute for criminal and drug abusers in Sweden.

  10. Conny Larsson will lecture on the “Sixth Sense”.

  11. Eileen August (an aura photographer and reader) will be present.

Kevin R.D. Shepherd & Psychic Medium Conny Larsson - In Conclusion

Despite Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s desperate and shameless justifications and cover-ups for Psychic Medium Conny Larsson, the numerous references provided in this article irrefutably prove that Conny Larsson widely solicited himself as a psychic, trance medium, spirit guide channeler, Vyasa channeler, aura reader, aura cleanser, crystal pendulum reader, chakra reader, chakra aligner, Vedic Mantra acharya, séance conductor, meditation master and spiritual healer. Conny Larsson also promotes himself in direct association with other New Age practitioners, psychics, mediums, channelers and healers on his and domains.

When Conny Larsson purposely and knowingly lied about his well-documented Trance Channel & Psychic Medium claims, how can anyone believe anything he has to say, especially in relation to Sathya Sai Baba?

Apparently, Kevin R.D. Shepherd thinks that Conny Larsson (a person who hears voices in his head and who claims to see and converse with dead people) is a credible voice against Sathya Sai Baba! Even more disturbing is the fact that Conny Larsson self-disclosed his psychiatric diagnosis (made by a psychiatrist) of him being “psychoinfantile”, which is also known as Histrionic Personality Disorder.

If you hear voices in your head, channel Vyasa, perform trance healings, converse with dead people, channel the spirits of dead animals, hold negative views about Sathya Sai Baba and have been officially diagnosed with a psychiatric personality disorder, give Kevin R.D. Shepherd a call because you might be his next credible reference against Sai Baba.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KRD Shepherd Is NOT An Academic

KRD Shepherd Is NOT An Academic

Ex-Devotees Take Note (underlined emphasis added by Moreno):
Kevin R.D. Shepherd: “The misconstruction imposed by web harassment takes extreme liberties with basic formats. Moreno even describes me as an alleged ‘academic’ author, which is flagrantly untrue. I have never described myself as an academic, as informed readers well know, and my own basic description of my career is completely ignored by the harasser. The role of a citizen philosopher is distinct from sectarian polemic, it may here be emphasised.”

Thank you, Kevin R.D. Shepherd!

Kevin Shepherd’s statement should set to rest Ex-Devotee’s misrepresentation of him as being an academic or scholar. He is neither. Rather, Kevin R.D. Shepherd is a sectarian bigot who obsessively, unremittingly and fanatically attacks and stalks everything and everyone affiliated with the Findhorn Foundation. Kevin R.D. Shepherd even goes to the extent of vanity self-publishing because respectable and notable publishers do not wish to be affiliated with his non-academic “sectarian polemic” publications and viewpoints.

Needless to say, Moreno does not believe that Kevin R.D. Shepherd is an academic or scholar, which Moreno made abundantly clear on his webpages about Shepherd. Apparently, Ex-Devotees of Sathya Sai Baba need to take note as they constantly refer to Kevin R.D. Shepherd as a “scholar” whose writings are comparable to those of bona-fide academics.

Although Kevin R.D. Shepherd described himself as having “no academic role”, he praised his own writings as following “academic rules in citing sources to a greater extent than many academic philosophers” (a self-laudatory comment unsupported by other academic philosophers)!

Amusingly, Kevin R.D. Shepherd often points out other’s lack of academic credentials as something compromising their credibility, as he did with Craig Gibsone (a vocal member of the Findhorn Foundation) and others. If a lack of academic credentials is a negative, then Kevin R.D. Shepherd just shot himself in the foot! The only thing that trumps Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s non-academic role is his big ego.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Kate Thomas aka Jean Shepherd

Kate Thomas aka Jean Shepherd & Kevin R.D. Shepherd

Kevin R.D. Shepherd (a vanity self-publisher, author, Anti-Findhorn-Foundation critic and pseudo-intellectual) foamed-at-the-mouth, gnashed his teeth and raised a huge wail about Joe Moreno allegedly violating his “copyrights” for duplicating pictures of himself and his mother Jean Shepherd (aka “Kate Thomas”) on his (Moreno’s) website: (click thumbnails to enlarge):

Kate Thomas aka Jean Shepherd
Kevin RD Shepherd
Jean Shepherd (“Kate Thomas”) and Kevin R. D. Shepherd are public figures and caustic critics who have written and published books and extensive material against the Findhorn Foundation, Holotropic Breathwork, Stanislav Grof and New Age beliefs.

Public domain pictures of Findhorn Foundation critic and author Jean Shepherd aka “Kate Thomas” (which Kevin R. D. Shepherd even released on his website as public domain and for public distribution by attaching Jean Shepherd’s image with other copyright protected pictures of Well & Caddy: See Here):

Public domain pictures of Findhorn Foundation critic and author Kevin R. D. Shepherd (which Shepherd published on blogger, allowed to be published on WordPress by Sai Baba Critics and one picture of which Shepherd released on Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License):

What is so blatantly hypocritical about Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s copyright blathering is that he published Moreno’s copyright protected picture (which was never released as public domain, unlike the pictures of Kevin & Jean Shepherd) on three different domains without obtaining Moreno’s permission to do so. Moreno emailed and requested Kevin R.D. Shepherd to remove his copyright protected picture from his websites. Kevin R.D. Shepherd refused to comply with Moreno’s request and forwarded Moreno’s email to Robert Priddy & Co so they could attack him. As a result, Moreno followed Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s ethical example (much to Shepherd’s consternation).

Priddy Kevin RD Shepherd Email
Therefore, it can be factually documented that Kevin R.D. Shepherd not only received Moreno’s email request, he also refused to comply with it. Consequently, any legal action taken by Kevin R.D. Shepherd against Moreno will be greeted with a swift countersuit.

Let Kevin R.D. Shepherd be informed that Moreno is ready, able and prepared to prove that his picture is copyright protected. As a matter of fact, Robert Priddy (Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s LSD advocating friend) similarly published Moreno’s picture on his Anti-Baba Wordpress blog and Priddy was forced to remove Moreno’s pictures (although Moreno was not forced to remove Priddy’s picture). Read The Full Story Here.

Kevin R.D. Shepherd is a self-serving hypocrite whose ‘holier-than-thou’ rants expose his biased and bitter mindset. Far be it for Kevin R.D. Shepherd to complain about the publication of his and his mother’s pictures when he published pictures of Robert Walter, Angus Robertson, Stanislav Grof, David Lorimer, Janice Dolley, Dr. Christopher Bache, Eileen Caddy, Alex Walker, Mary Inglis, Craig Gibsone, Judy McAllister, Dorothy Maclean, Marcel Boisard, Michael Russell, May East, Jonathan Dawson, Michael Shaw, Andrew Cohen, Ken Wilber, Frank Visser, Don Beck, Michel Bauwens, among numerous others (all without obtaining their permission).

Before Kevin R.D. Shepherd throws his childish temper tantrums on the internet, he should first put into practice what he preaches and he should abide by the standards he expects others to follow.

Consequently, using Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s standards, he is an “internet terrorist” and a “sectarian cyberstalker” who has “abused and pirated” Moreno’s picture (whose copyright he does not possess).