Friday, September 4, 2009

Kate Thomas aka Jean Shepherd

Kate Thomas aka Jean Shepherd & Kevin R.D. Shepherd

Kevin R.D. Shepherd (a vanity self-publisher, author, Anti-Findhorn-Foundation critic and pseudo-intellectual) foamed-at-the-mouth, gnashed his teeth and raised a huge wail about Joe Moreno allegedly violating his “copyrights” for duplicating pictures of himself and his mother Jean Shepherd (aka “Kate Thomas”) on his (Moreno’s) website: (click thumbnails to enlarge):

Kate Thomas aka Jean Shepherd
Kevin RD Shepherd
Jean Shepherd (“Kate Thomas”) and Kevin R. D. Shepherd are public figures and caustic critics who have written and published books and extensive material against the Findhorn Foundation, Holotropic Breathwork, Stanislav Grof and New Age beliefs.

Public domain pictures of Findhorn Foundation critic and author Jean Shepherd aka “Kate Thomas” (which Kevin R. D. Shepherd even released on his website as public domain and for public distribution by attaching Jean Shepherd’s image with other copyright protected pictures of Well & Caddy: See Here):

Public domain pictures of Findhorn Foundation critic and author Kevin R. D. Shepherd (which Shepherd published on blogger, allowed to be published on WordPress by Sai Baba Critics and one picture of which Shepherd released on Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License):

What is so blatantly hypocritical about Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s copyright blathering is that he published Moreno’s copyright protected picture (which was never released as public domain, unlike the pictures of Kevin & Jean Shepherd) on three different domains without obtaining Moreno’s permission to do so. Moreno emailed and requested Kevin R.D. Shepherd to remove his copyright protected picture from his websites. Kevin R.D. Shepherd refused to comply with Moreno’s request and forwarded Moreno’s email to Robert Priddy & Co so they could attack him. As a result, Moreno followed Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s ethical example (much to Shepherd’s consternation).

Priddy Kevin RD Shepherd Email
Therefore, it can be factually documented that Kevin R.D. Shepherd not only received Moreno’s email request, he also refused to comply with it. Consequently, any legal action taken by Kevin R.D. Shepherd against Moreno will be greeted with a swift countersuit.

Let Kevin R.D. Shepherd be informed that Moreno is ready, able and prepared to prove that his picture is copyright protected. As a matter of fact, Robert Priddy (Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s LSD advocating friend) similarly published Moreno’s picture on his Anti-Baba Wordpress blog and Priddy was forced to remove Moreno’s pictures (although Moreno was not forced to remove Priddy’s picture). Read The Full Story Here.

Kevin R.D. Shepherd is a self-serving hypocrite whose ‘holier-than-thou’ rants expose his biased and bitter mindset. Far be it for Kevin R.D. Shepherd to complain about the publication of his and his mother’s pictures when he published pictures of Robert Walter, Angus Robertson, Stanislav Grof, David Lorimer, Janice Dolley, Dr. Christopher Bache, Eileen Caddy, Alex Walker, Mary Inglis, Craig Gibsone, Judy McAllister, Dorothy Maclean, Marcel Boisard, Michael Russell, May East, Jonathan Dawson, Michael Shaw, Andrew Cohen, Ken Wilber, Frank Visser, Don Beck, Michel Bauwens, among numerous others (all without obtaining their permission).

Before Kevin R.D. Shepherd throws his childish temper tantrums on the internet, he should first put into practice what he preaches and he should abide by the standards he expects others to follow.

Consequently, using Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s standards, he is an “internet terrorist” and a “sectarian cyberstalker” who has “abused and pirated” Moreno’s picture (whose copyright he does not possess).